Eight Steps to a Successful Aircraft Completion

January 4, 2019

Written by Gordon Gilbert from Business Jet Traveler.

“Purchasing a small or midsize business jet is similar to buying a new car: you select interior components and exterior colors from a preexisting set of options and then simply wait for the manufacturer to deliver a product that incorporates your choices. Purchase a larger airplane, on the other hand, and it will reach you unpainted and with a nearly empty interior. (Such aircraft are called “green,” a reference to the color of the protective primer paint that’s applied to the exterior at the factory.)

Long before you take possession of an airplane like this, you must arrange for the interior completion and the exterior paint. You must make the appointments for a completion and paint with the aircraft manufacturer or completion shop as soon as possible after you finalize the purchase and receive a firm delivery date because most reputable shops have scheduling backlogs that can stretch out for several months.”

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At ZenithJet, our objective when undertaking an aircraft interior completion oversight project is to deliver your Global on schedule and to specification, with no compromise on quality. With our experience of over 130 Global projects, we know where to focus our attention to ensure your Global aircraft successfully enters into service with residual value. Located 2 kilometers from the completions facility, we are able to access your aircraft without delay. We have the strength of personal relationships with the manufacturer that create savings for your pocket. It is precisely here where ZenithJet is able to draw on our experience of delivering and operating all types Bombardier Globals, from early model Global Expresses to the brand new Global family. We are your Global aircraft experts. Contact us today.


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