ZenithJet Surpasses 150 Bombardier Global Transactions



ZenithJet, business aviation’s leading technical services oversight provider for Bombardier Global aircraft, today announced its 152nd Bombardier Global mandate.

As of October 1, the ZenithJet team has worked on 152 Bombardier Global transactions in less than 11 years. Specifically: 2 Global 7500s, the first Global 6500, 54 Global 6000s, 39 Global 5000s, 29 Global Express XRS’ and 27 Global Express’.

The ZenithJet team possesses expertise in numerous disciplines including manufacturing, sales, completions, refurbishment, operations, registration and residual value assessment. Collectively, these strengths contribute to successful aircraft ownership experiences for ZenithJet clients.

In response to market demand, ZenithJet created the GAINS™ (short for ‘Global Acquisition IN-Service’) program uniquely for Bombardier Global buyers. Services encompass market assessment, aircraft identification, letter of intent and purchase agreement negotiation, oversight of pre-purchase inspection and discrepancy rectification, closing, refurbishment (if required) and entry-into-service. Thanks to GAINS, ZenithJet provides a single point of accountability, streamlines project management and delivers superior value for Global buyers.

“We are very pleased to announce this important milestone,” says Nick Houseman, President and Founder, ZenithJet. “We worked on the first Global 7500 and, most recently, the first Global 6500 to enter service. Our team possesses an exceptional knowledge of Globals, and we have focused our efforts on this family of aircraft. We have the additional experience of operating Globals – thanks to our sister company Elit’Avia, which currently manages 10 Global aircraft. Today, there are about 850 Globals in operation worldwide, so the opportunities are very clear.”

“Furthermore, the business aviation market is constantly evolving. A trend that we’re seeing now is that OEMs are increasingly motivated to work directly with buyers and their advisors, versus engaging the services of brokers. This trend is beneficial for our clients because we deliver maximum value for prospective Bombardier Global buyers worldwide,” adds Mr. Houseman.

About ZenithJet

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, ZenithJet is the leading technical services oversight provider for Bombardier Global business aircraft. The ZenithJet offering is an exceptional end-to-end service that unifies sales and acquisitions, technical expertise and post-sales support. For more information, please visit https://zenithjet.com.

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