The Six Senses of Appeal for Private Jets

July 12, 2019

Refurbishing or upgrading an aircraft is a very different investment proposition compared to refurbishing a property. The fundamental difference is that aircraft are depreciating assets: outside of very specific and often unpredictable market conditions, aircraft will lose value as they age. Any investment into private aviation needs to be looked at from the point of view of slowing that value loss as much as possible and extracting maximum utility, rather than expecting a positive financial return.

ZenithJet’s sister company, Elit’Avia, are hugely excited to release the second article in the Aviation Insight Series.

In the release our next article ‘The Six Senses of Appeal for Private Jets’, we explore Cabin Refits. We look at the top private jet interior trends and recommendations for condition, utility, history and transferability, with the view to maximise re-sale value.

Contributors: Iain Houseman from Elit’AviaTobias Laps from Comlux the Aviation GroupCelia Sawyer one of the leading Private Jet Interior Designers and Gary Crichlow from Arc & Co.

View the article below or download via the below link.


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