Decade in Review


Aircraft Sales

ZenithJet has been involved in over $500 million of aircraft sales transactions completed in the last 10 years. With our GAINS program, we know how to identify the right aircraft and negotiate the best price for your needs. We take care of the logistics of the pre purchase inspection, refurb needs, paint, getting the aircraft registered in the country you want, finding pilots, choosing a management company – we deal with all the headaches so you don’t have to. We take pride in turning our clients into the best informed and best represented buyers in the market.

250 projects

In the past 10 years, ZenithJet has worked on over 250 projects. These projects range from

  • Aircraft Acquisitions

  • Completions, Modifications and Refurbishment Oversight

  • Major Inspections

  • Repossession Services

  • Damage Assessments

  • Sound Suppression

  • Virtual Aviation CFO

150 Global Projects

ZenithJet has completed over 150 Global projects in the last 10 years. These include 27 Global Express, 29 Global XRS, 54 Global 6000, 39 Global 5000, 2 Global 7550 and 1 Global 6500. We are the industry’s leading technical services oversight firm, serving business aviation since 2008.

Silentium Air

In the last decade, ZenithJet developed the Silentium Air Sound Suppression System for the CL300 and CL850 after years of studying aircraft interiors, seeing first-hand where deficiencies in materials and their installation exist. Improve Your Aircraft Experience with Zenith’s Sound Suppression Kits.

SAF Fuel

Towards the end of the decade, ZenithJet proudly worked on the delivery of the first Bombardier customer aircraft to use SAF fuel. Sustainable aviation fuel is nearly carbon-neutral over its life cycle because the burning fuel emits an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as do plants during the growth of biomass. SAF also contains fewer impurities, which results in a greater reduction of particulate matter emissions. SAF can be produced from municipal waste that would otherwise be left to decompose in landfill sites. This avoids the use of petroleum and instead reuses the waste to power additional flights.

Global 6500 & Global 7500

In the last half the decade, ZenithJet worked on the deliveries of the first Global 6500 and Global 7500 to be delivered in the industry. Today, there are about 850 Globals in operation worldwide, so the opportunities are very clear. Our team possesses an exceptional knowledge of Globals, and we have focused our efforts on this family of aircraft, having completed over 150 Global projects in 10 years.

Consulting Services

In the last 10 years, ZenithJet’s consulting services have worked on projects ranging from FBO Analysis to AOC Development, and to Aircraft Acquisition Analysis. Our collective expertise in building, completing, maintaining, refurbishing and operating business aircraft provides our clients with an experienced partner throughout the ownership life cycle. Our clients and their flight departments / operators call on us to support them on issues ranging from simple inquiries to complex problems. In fact, most of our clients have worked with us for many years and over several aircraft.


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