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Your Business Aviation Experts

Operating a business aircraft can be an expensive proposition. ZenithJet was founded to provide technical and operations expertise to help clients manage their aircraft more efficiently. Since 2008, we have served more than 300 clients worldwide operating aircraft from all major manufacturers. Clients have used our services for interior completions oversight, “green” aircraft acceptance, major inspections, refurbishments, pre-buys, damage assessments, insurance claim assessments, modifications and engine overhauls. ZenithJet’s aircraft acquisition program leverages our expertise to clearly understand your needs and preferences, and to identify the right aircraft at the best price.

Ensuring a Great Ownership Experience

The ZenithJet team possesses exceptional technical knowledge. We also understand operations. ZenithJet’s sister company Elit’Avia manages a mixed fleet of 25 business aircraft for private and charter use. Drawing from this experience guides our interactions with manufacturer support organizations to better understand emerging issues and on-going technical requirements. ZenithJet and Elit’Avia’s combined expertise – completing, maintaining, refurbishing and operating business aircraft – directly benefits our clients because we understand the entire aircraft lifecycle. From private owners to flight departments of Fortune 500 companies, our clients trust us to act in their best interest. The ZenithJet team has an excellent record of client retention – many clients entrust us with ongoing maintenance and multiple aircraft purchases. No matter the project at hand, our commitment is to ensure that you have a great ownership experience.

Zenith | GHG understanding the future in one word:


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and action on climate change are global priorities. Inaction will lead to catastrophic consequences. Governments and companies have increasingly turned their attention towards sustainability as a key priority which has become a business imperative. The first step towards combating climate change is understanding the GHG footprint associated with your company in a way that encompasses the full scope of activities within your business. We at ZenithJet can guide you as you transition and embark on your climate management journey through transparent and reliable GHG footprint accounting. ZenithJet’s advisory team is ISO 14064 certified under CSA standards and trained in the WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol standard.