Aviation CFO

                 Cost Management Program

“Am I paying too much to operate my business jet?”

“Am I getting the most out of my maintenance program coverage?”

“Why is my maintenance bill so high?”

“Did I pay a fair price for fuel?”

“Am I paying the right salary for my crew?”

“Why are my trip costs so high?”

“Why was handling so expensive in New York / LA / London?”

“Why am I paying so much for internet and other subscriptions?”


If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions you need our Cost Management Program, Aviation CFO.

Aircraft expenses are complex

Flight operations, many different suppliers, expensive maintenance, lots of invoices flowing in each month, some in different currencies. It is hard to keep track of it all and ensure that that you are paying the right price. Operating a business jet can easily run into the millions of dollars every year. Let us use our proprietary data combined with our financial, operational, and technical expertise to optimize your asset financially and generate real savings.

What we do

– Review recurring invoices including fuel, handling, maintenance, hangarage, pilot salaries, other direct operation costs against real world prices from our proprietary database.

– Maintenance program analysis to maximize coverage – you pay hundreds of thousands a year into engine and parts programs like Corporate Care, Smart Parts, Plane Parts, GE, Honeywell – let us make sure you maximize coverage

– Review maintenance proposals before you sign to negotiate pricing. Review maintenance invoices to look for savings,

– Ensure you do not miss free incorporation periods for modification and upgrade notices from OEMs and vendors by ensuring logbooks and maintenance tracking programs are up to date

Program Benefits

Our Aviation CFO program leverages our access to proprietary operating data combined with our business aviation experience in aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, aircraft financing, and technical oversight to ensure that the services supporting your aircraft are what they should be. You now have a resource you can draw on to ensure you are not paying too much no matter where you fly in the world.

Comprehensive audit of reports

We will scrutinize your monthly reports and invoices to find savings based on our inhouse cost benchmarks gathered over years of operating aircraft across the globe. Our expertise will quickly identify potential savings and represent your interests with vendors.

Ongoing financial oversight

Let our team ensure continued fiscal optimization of the costs supporting your aircraft; fuel, handling, pilot costs, insurance, maintenance, subscriptions, hangar and let your team get back to what they do best.


Executive Vice President: Kevin Rodgers        

Email: kevin@zenithjet.com

Mobile: +1 (770) 499 6582