Specialized Services

Aircraft Damage Assessments and Insurance Claims Support

The ability to offer effective damage assessments and insurance claims support rests on specialized industry expertise. The ZenithJet team have managed numerous assessments and claims ranging from weather-related damage to major operational incidents resulting in complete asset write-offs. We also have experience representing asset managers, insurance companies, law firms and high-net-worth-individual owner/operators.

Specific services include:

  • Damage surveys and investigations
  • Repair cost evaluations and oversight
  • Aircraft recovery coordination
  • Reselling and remarketing assistance
  • Parts salvage services
  • Warranty adjudication
We understand the assessment/claims process.
Let us manage it for you.

Aircraft Repossessions

Repossessing an aircraft is a challenging task. Successfully recovering an asset is the conclusion of a complex and delicate process. Detailed planning is essential to account for every possible contingency. The ZenithJet team has successfully completed aircraft repossessions around the globe on behalf of financial institutions and other lenders. Experience, preparation and flexibility define the professionalism that you can expect from the ZenithJet team.