Calculate Your Aircraft Emissions

Do you know your aircraft emissions?

There are many factors that affect aircraft emissions however the Zenith Jet Emissions Calculator provides an approximate emissions estimate based on aircraft type and flight hours. It is not a comprehensive assessment but it it useful in further understanding approximate emissions. If you want a more detailed reporting that takes into account additional factor, other expected emissions, and contrail impact please contact us.

Private Jet Carbon Emission Calculator by ZenithJet

Carbon Emissions Calculator

Please note that these emissions are only estimations that only account for CO2 emissions. It is highly recommended  to contact us for detailed calculation report. This would include:

1. Calculation of fuel usage based on actual trip data

2. Emission from other greenhouse gases such as CH4 and N2O

3. Warming effects of contrails that have a substantial effect on total emissions

4. Different options for reducing emissions and for offsetting your emissions.

To know more about your Emissions

For your detailed report which includes everything you need to know. Contact our Sustainability Manager at

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